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Fresh seafood the produce from of Japan Sea,Hospitality at Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’


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WAJIMA ishikawa pref.

Wajima is a coastal city on the furthermost tip of NotoPeninsula and famous for its fine arts & craft such as Wajima Nuri(Urushi Lacquer), Asaichi(Morning Market) and Gojinjyo Daiko(Drum Performance).
Thanks to those rich tourism resources and hot spring, Wajima becomes one of the most populartourist destinations of Japan for tourists from all over the world.
Throughout the city, you can find lots of lacquerware & souvenir shops,restaurants and accommodations as well.
Moreover, many tourists would like to visit Wajima to enjoy itsfishery resources such as snow crab and Japanese yellowtail from nearby ports.
Here in Wajima, the good old days of beautiful Japan still remain on the street and in the field.

Wajima Nuri


Gojinjyo Daiko

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